Keynote Speaker
What does it take to be effective during a time of rapid change? How do you increase the likelihood you’ll be successful at leading breakthrough change at your organization?
As the former CEO of Charles Schwab, I share stories and offer a nine-step plan for leaders looking to inspire meaningful, lasting change at their organizations.
With expertise that spans finance, transportation, retail and technology, along with material from my award-winning programs at Wharton, I can show audiences how to turn changes into opportunities that create competitive advantage.
From why change is so hard (and how to overcome that resistance) to inspiring, rather than motivating those at your organization (and why that difference is important), I use stories, case studies and quotes from the world’s top executives and brands that demonstrate how to approach and successfully implement breakthrough change.
And I don't just talk; I also listen. I've had successes and failures. I encourage audience interaction so that I can become a part of the change process and help organizations succeed.
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